"...Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"

These are words that are etched into my spirit. In every waking moment, my deepest desire is to be in alignment with God's will for my life -- from my career moves, even down to the color of shoes I chose to wear next Wednesday; my relationship with God has grown such that He is my best friend and I endeavor to make no decision without Him and make every decision with His input. Of course this wasn't always so. Although I'm just 26 years old I feel like I've lived many lives within my short time here. I've been far out in the world, I've been fanatically afraid to go to hell, I've tested many waters, but now I've found the living water. In Christ, my life finally feels complete. I feel full, filled, I feel fulfilled.

I know, this sounds so cliche, right? But there's this saying that I have "Cliche is only Cliche to the inexperienced", because once you have experienced something it is no longer Cliche, it becomes truth, real, tangible. When I say that with Christ I feel fulfilled, picture it like this: all your life you've been drinking apple drink from the 99cent store, then one day, you finally make your way to Whole Foods and buy fresh pressed unpasteurized apple juice. Your life will literally never be the same after you've gotten a taste for REAL, and ORGANIC. That’s how Christ is to me. I've lived my life doing what I want, when I want with who I want, but now that I place Christ in his rightful place as my Lord and Savior, there's an abundance I feel and an abundance that I experience, that NOTHING in this world can ever measure up to. That's that REAL, That's that ORGANIC, hunney!

So yes, my faith permeates every aspect of my being, and as my work with Jazz Hands For Autism has become a monumental part of my life, my faith permeates that too. I believe that the work I do is work I was called to do, I believe this is a position that the Lord carved out specifically for me to occupy, fill and multiply. It was simply divine, the way I was placed in this line of work. It was unanticipated and uncertain, but it was also inexplicably unimposing. Once I said yes to leading Jazz Hands, the Lord brought all the resources necessary to bring it to fruition. This story is pretty deep, you might want to call me to hear the whole thing, it's pretty nuts, but also so miraculous. Ask me about it HERE.

So let me tell you about my work! At Jazz Hands For Autism, we support musicians on the autism spectrum in developing skills that they need to be successful in the workplace, and we also actively seek out work for them, so that their dreams of being working musicians is realized. As a musician myself, I know first hand the power of music in my life, so I feel absolutely blessed to be a in a position that allows me to not just witness the potential of that power in the lives of others, but be kinetic about helping them actualize the power of music's potential in their lives. We are investors. We are investing in the well of potential that (often) lies dormant in individuals on the autism spectrum. We are holding up a mirror to them, showing them who their spirits reveal them to be: powerful, capable and talented musicians, unstoppable leaders and self advocates, confident people with a voice that carries an important message.


It is important to note that Jazz Hands For Autism is not a faith-based organization, but as the leader, I am a faith-based person, so in my capacity as a leader, the compass I follow is that of God. Although I am the physical leader of this organization, I only make decisions that are confirmed by God. Because it is His call that I responded to, He knows best, and knows what is necessary in order for His full will to be done through the organization.


Through my work at Jazz Hands and my obedience in following that calling, so much has been unlocked in my life. I've discovered more of who I am in Christ. The more I surrender my will to His, the more I find that I want to surrender because surrender feels great when you're surrendering the the Most High who knows you, loves you and has a glorious destiny laid out for you.


Thanks for reading, God Bless you, friend.

Ifunanya Nwoke

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