Pride in the Struggle

In creating O-Mara the main goal was for people to wear pride everyday.  When looking at what pride means it's easy to forget that it came with a lot of baggage filled with stones.  it's tougher to imagine the setbacks yet alone go through it.  Kind of like how using the hashtag #grind is fun until one actually has to #grind then the #grind gets #real.  

There is pride in setbacks though.  Especially when it's thrust at you making you re-examine everything and shift focus.  Being forced to deal with a scenario you didn't want can mean that it's time to reassess goals.  This is where knowing where you're from comes in to play for me.  I think back to my people and all our struggles and look how we're not just existing but thriving.  In a sense I remember who I am and hit it with a right hook.  

When have you ever had a setback, and how do you deal with it?


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