Go With the Flow

Shorts and a t-shirt may be the official summer staple but this outfit puts an African twist on the concept.  Being in Americana day in day out can be draining but it's possible to not lose yourself under the pressure of assimilation  Mixing cultures should blend and flow instead of battling each other out. 


Something I love about my line is the versatility of it all.  Women are busy wearing many different hats in a day, we need our wardrobe to keep up with said hats.  As someone who suffers from chronic lateness it is extremely important for me to utilize all the time I don't have to get myself out the door.   


Because I'm so busy being late I don't have time to dwell on pesky things like the weather or traffic.  I just want to keep my focus on the most important things: acting modest when people compliment my outfit.    


Woman are so blessed with the duality of femininity.  It's not always heels that make a woman but the character she carries on her shoulders.  Probably why I love baring my shoulders in this tunic, just need to swipe on some shea butter for a little glisten.  With the high slits on the side there's enough to let my shorts play peek-a-boo accompanied by some leg.  I have to say that I don't always follow the necessary healthy eating requirements set in place by the surgeon general.  To still look ethereal even after eating ice cream 60% of the time is incredible.  I'll let the main attraction be the print I'm rocking.  Voila! Compliments all day and you didn't even have to try.  


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